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Snail Mayhem Art Collective

He’s a mean fucker… but he’ll burn…

The artist with the art after a full day of designs drawn onto the playa canvas, looking to refresh and rake the canvas for a new beginning

With this interactive social art, Burners draw a gigantic spiral-graph design continually onto the playa, without any lasting impact to the environment. Based on community efforts for change, the snail art reminds us of the path of social change, begs us to consider our contributions, and to work together.

Upcoing in 2024, please donate to support our initiative to build and transport units for the Solar Library which will help Artists reduce their carbon footprint through battery recharge stations around the Playa. Snail Mayhem Art Collective will help by manufacturing several of these units, make your charitable contribution today!

SMAC 's Philosophy

Human beings and social change are not special because it stays the same, but paradoxically these things are special because they change over time as we become more of who we are as a human collective. Just as spirals and fractals collapse onto each other, the simple genetic makeup of humans collapses eventually onto the never ending spiral of inheritance from those who came before. This interactive playa art, an ever changing spirograph design through social art brings the participation, expression, and the importance of respecting future generations by only leaving our trace in the dust. Tugging at our sense of nostalgia, enthralled in curiosity for spirograph art, is made possible only by community participation. This human art displays the ever forgiving cycles of creation and destruction, change, impermanence, and silence. Since before my first burn, I have always loved the idea of folks getting together for art, not knowing what they are getting into, and still creating anyway.

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Snailing Around at twighlight on the Playa

Updates From The Snail in 2023